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AC Tune-Up in Temecula, CA

The residents of Temecula, CA, and the surrounding areas know all too well just how essential a reliable, effective, and efficient AC system is. Without one, you’re really going to struggle to make it through the hottest months of the year. So make sure your AC is up to the task, and count on KPH Mechanical for all of your AC maintenance needs.

How AC Tune-Ups Benefit You

Regular AC tune-ups have clear benefits for any home. Among the most significant is that tune-ups help your AC system last longer. 

System Longevity

You can generally expect upwards of 15 years of reliable air conditioning from a unit that’s well maintained. This number drops sharply if you allow the system to fall into disrepair. Call KPH Mechanical to get your system serviced and healthy for the long haul.

Money Savings

Not only do regular visits from KPH Mechanical make your system last longer, but they also save you money on repairs in the long run. The inspection component of the tune-up will spot potential issues before they lead to serious damage, lowering overall repair costs. Proper lubrication of moving parts will reduce wear, avoiding the need to replace anything before its time.

The most immediate benefit that homeowners enjoy and the one that motivates most of our customers at KPH Mechanical to seek out AC tune-up services is the savings on their utility bills. Our tune-up ensures that your AC system runs at peak efficiency, which means that you get the same cooling while using less energy.

Increased Efficiency

Over the years that you own your AC system, low efficiency due to poor maintenance can lead to a huge difference in how much you pay for electricity. Every AC system needs residential AC tune-ups to maintain high efficiency, as the dirt and wear that cause them to work less effectively are always building up.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Regular tune-ups also keep the air inside your home cleaner. The dirt that accumulates inside your AC system circulates throughout your home, affecting indoor air quality. Cleaning and changing filters regularly keeps contaminants out of your air, and a tune-up can also spot potential issues like mold or mildew growth and pest activity.

Validated Warranty

If your AC system is still under a manufacturer warranty, there may be terms and conditions on that warranty. To make sure that you’re still covered, you could be required to have annual tune-ups. While every agreement will be different, AC tune-ups from licensed professionals are the best way to make sure that you’re covered.

KPH Mechanical HVAC Maintenance Plans

Keeping up with your HVAC tune-ups shouldn’t be a hassle. The professional team at KPH Mechanical makes it easy to stay on top of both AC and heating tune-ups with our complete HVAC maintenance plans. You can sign up today and have peace of mind that your HVAC systems are always reliably maintained.

When you sign up for our HVAC maintenance plan, you’ll receive two HVAC tune-ups each year—one for your AC system and one for your heating system—carried out at the appropriate time of year to get ready for summer and winter. That includes a full safety inspection to make sure that all of your HVAC components are operating safely.

Not only do you get reliable HVAC maintenance, but you’ll also get a 10% discount on all of our HVAC repair services. When an inspection reveals that you need some repairs to keep your AC running right throughout the summer, you’ll be paying less, thanks to your KPH Mechanical maintenance plan.

Our maintenance plans also give members priority scheduling for HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance. You can sign up today with a one-time payment or set up monthly installments. Whatever works best for you!

The Best AC Tune-Up Company in Temecula, CA

The professional HVAC technicians at KPH Mechanical are ready to get your AC running as efficiently and optimally as possible with reliable AC tune-up services in Temecula, CA, and the surrounding areas. You can give us a call today to get started.

During your AC tune-up, we’ll carefully inspect your system’s refrigerant, mechanical, and electrical systems for wear and damage. This will ensure both proper operation and dependable safety. Replacing your air filter will protect your home from contaminants and improve efficiency by reducing airflow resistance.

Thorough cleaning of the condenser coils ensures that your AC is working at the highest possible efficiency. For the very best residential AC tune-up in Temecula, CA, reach out to the licensed team of professional HVAC technicians at KPH Mechanical to book your appointment.